When I was a child and learned how to write (print), I wrote letters to relatives. During my marriage, I thought I wanted to write fiction, but there was no real sense of imagination to go with it.

While attending Bible Study, I developed an interest in studying the Christian Bible and later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in the studies. That’s when I got hooked on writing. There were so many interesting stories and theories about the things God and others did that I wanted to know more, and write more. My writings are non-fiction.

The intent of this blog is to share information that I hope will encourage, enlighten, enhance, and energize readers who might want or need a lift in spirit. The subject matter for my writings comes from life experiences that have brought me to conclusions about what I believe. I am convinced that it is important to know what you believe about anything and how you arrived at believing what you believe. Writing is my favorite among a group of arts and crafts I participate in during vacation time.

Thank you for dropping by,