Occasionally, someone will say that if what they do is not in the Bible, then what they are doing must be okay, right? And the answer is this: the Bible is life’s instruction book and all kinds of problems and situations are in it. It is a book that has to be read and studied in order to reap the full benefits from it. Just because the evilness (sin) of choice is not listed, one can be sure that it is spelled out by example or by preaching–in detail, taken from one or more of the books and chapters in life’s guide. In other words, the specific word for the deed may not appear in the Bible because of language differences (Hebrew, Greek, and Latin interpretations), but the definition does when it is described.

The meaning could be in a Proverb, or it could be wrapped up in a parable or historical event. The Bible also presents history in it, and it is important to read it (all 66 books) and find out what God says about the good times and the bad times in life. People who look to use the Bible to justify their evilness (sin) have missed the purpose of the Bible. Their question should be: “Where can I find my concern in the Bible?”  One should never assume that an evilness is not pointed out in the Bible.

The Bible addresses different subject matter in different books and chapters. There would be no need to review the base of a message if the people already received it in a different chapter or book. Therefore, every fine detail is not mentioned in every chapter. Every unacceptable behavior is not mentioned in every chapter. This is another reason why it is important to read the WHOLE Bible. It is similar to how one can make progress in school by passing on to a higher grade. The subject of mathematics is a most excellent example. Try understanding a problem in algebra without understanding the basics in mathematics and see what happens! Before taking Algebra, a prerequisite class is required. Before picking a scripture to quote, there has to be some knowledge about what that scripture was referring to.

If someone wants to know more about God and what He expects of His people, then Bible Study is the best place to begin. It is dangerously misleading to try and understand without help from someone who knows. An example is this very popular verse that has been misquoted many times–even on TV sitcoms: “Money is the root of all evil.”

The scripture says :”For the love of money is a root of all kinds of  evil…”(1 Timothy 6:10). Things don’t get us into trouble–it’s the love of things that takes us down the wrong path in life.

Seeing more clearly,


Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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