LOVE–Agape, Phileo, Eros

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The word “love” is mentioned close to three-hundred times in the Bible, and that means this word is important and is essential for life. Love is the life-line of all living and breathing persons and things.

Although a few people claim to have Agape love for another human being, I believe not because of the way the Bible reverences it. It is a love beyond earthly practice because it involves worship to the highest degree. That is, man cannot worship man, and call it Agape love.

Agape is God’s unconditional love for all whom and what He made. He can forgive us when we do wrong; He will take us back when we walk away from Him; and He will not hold a grudge against us. However, He may render consequences for our ill deeds while we are still on earth; and if we don’t pay while we are still living, our descendants may reap the consequences we did not pay for–and that part is called a curse. Note: We do not know God’s mind as to how He handles all things. For example, from time to time, He will allow evilness to test our will–usually connected to Him. And going through a test is a whole different subject.When I think of life-line, I think of someone in trouble who needs to be rescued.

  • If a person is in deep water and about to drown, and we are unable to help, we do our best to find something to throw to them to keep them afloat until help arrives.
  • For medical problems, we call a doctor.
  • For serious accidents, we call the ambulance.
  • For life-threatening disputes, we call law enforcement.
  • For disasters, we help according to instructions issued.

Or maybe the situation was not life-threatening but something that you did that would make someone smile.

  • A kind word to someone, especially if they looked like they needed one.
  • If you noticed a parking meter expired next to a car, you fed the meter anonymously.
  • Maybe you were at a toll booth, and you suddenly became inspired to pay the toll for several cars behind you.
  • You may have been inspired to pay for the groceries of the person standing in front of or behind you in the check-out line.

These are just a few examples of ways to express love to both friends and strangers. The help given in the above examples is called brotherly love; and brotherly love is phileo love.

Eros love is physical love–erotic–sex–pornography and the like. This is the love that has sent part of the world in a tailspin because of mis-legislation, politics, relaxed guidance at home, delayed Social Services, disrespect for everything respectful, and dumbing in the classrooms. This is the kind of love that has the power to bring down a whole household, job, business, and church. Even church preachers, ministers, pastors have made the grade for this particular love when their names should not be connected to this except at home with their own spouses. Their lives may be seen as a test similar to Peter’s denial of Jesus. He repented and was forgiven. All of these preachers and pastors should do the same; repent and ask for forgiveness, and return to the real task that God called them to.

All in all, love is an action word, and it will show up in every living being and thing.

Seeing more clearly,


Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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