I believe natural progression is hard to come by these days; fewer things happen in a natural way. Our days are saturated with high tech ventures, quick fixes, fast food, easy access into someone else’s life, tranquilizers to numb the pain of truth, pacifiers to comfort the self, and sleeping pills to give temporary disconnection.

There is dissatisfaction with our appearance to others and we turn to cosmetic surgery, chemical salves, and Brazil wax to change or improve our God-given body. After all, God gave us what we have, and if we acquired additional “deformities” after birth, He allowed it to happen for His own purpose–something will occur down the road for a reason.

From Viagra or Lavitra to envitro fertilization and artificial insemination–anything done to our body has the potential for side effects, which can bring on unnatural preventive medicines that force the body to do something that is against the natural way of doing things. Natural progression is out the window and unnatural acquisition has found its way into our lives. Mental disorders of all kinds are brought forward by mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol, and of late, stuff found in the kitchen cabinet or under the sink (and even in the garage) will make the trade for the healthy mind.

God gives us power to overcome stuff in our daily lives. He wants us to operate within the boundaries He set for us spiritually, physically, and mentally and in order for us to do this, we must reconcile ourselves to recognize who we are. Will we strive to follow the laws of God or the self-made laws of man?

Our God has proven Himself to many people down through the centuries; no other god has the history that God the Father has. When we do a background check on Him, we find that He existed before man organized time. Also, historians have found records dating back more than six thousand years indicating witnesses present at that time. And archeologists are still finding documentaries and various styles of recordation by symbolism that prove the Holy Bible correct.

The Bible is the only manual for us humans to live by. “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death” (Proverbs 14:12). If we continue to step outside the boundaries He set for us, a collision is guaranteed.

Seeing more clearly,










Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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