Once upon a time, I was a migraineur (one of the meanest headaches a person can have). In my case, whenever a migraine showed up, there would always be a precursor to the main event like a mild headache that would gradually grow stronger and take control of my ability to concentrate on anything during its stay with me. And when I stumbled upon a suspicion about the cause of my type of migraine, I paid attention.

My treating physician’s diagnosis for me was stomach migraines. These migraines caused vomiting and diarrhea on an alternating basis until the stomach and intestines were empty. By that time, my body was weak and lethargic; it was naptime. After a few hours of sleep, I would wake up feeling great. One of my friends commented that it seemed strange for me to go through all that and end up feeling so good. I agreed, but still didn’t know what to do about the situation. (I appreciated that the vomiting and diarrhea didn’t happen at the same moment!)

The doctor prescribed fiorinal with codeine and it worked well with me–obviously! It worked so well that I began taking it for other things. When I moved away to another town, my new doctor refused to allow me to continue with that medication and he wrote a new prescription ommiting codeine–and it did very little for my migraine. With the new prescription I experienced more of the pain and discomfort.

In the meanwhile, my daughter and her friends were deep into colon cleansing, and she urged me to do one. I would not because I thought this was another one of her adventures– here today– gone tomorrow. But about two years after that, I was ready to try anything.

I checked in with my treating physician and asked him to schedule me for a colon checkup. I went through the usual food abstainance and water-drinking ritual required before testing. (The thought came to me that maybe my problem was with food.) The procedure was done at the local participating hospital. The technician stopped about half way through the procedure and told me that my colon had not been cleaned out enough because the camera showed a mass still there, and that I needed to do another cleaning and reschedule for another test. I said to myself “No way am I gonna go through that cleaning process anytime soon” and I got dressed and walked out past the appointment desk and straight out the door. I knew in my heart that I had followed instructions to the “t” and my colon was clean–and I was starving for something to eat and drink.

Several weeks later one Saturday morning as I lay in bed, I felt a migraine gearing up for action. I remember as I lay there I said to myself “Not today.” With that attitude I got up and visited an herb store and checked out their 10-day colon cleansing systems that I heard about. I did not consult with anyone.

I returned home and read all materials that came with the herbal system I bought and it was a good thing I did. Included in the package were instructions about what to expect. Specifically mentioned was what to do if discomfort occurred. Discomfort meant that an herb had located a problem.

The package contained dosages that consisted of six different capsules to be taken before each meal three times per day. Each one of the six capsules contained something different, designed to work in six different areas of the body such as the circulatory system, the digestive system, the liver, and so on. A few hours after taking the first dose, it became obvious that I had a problem in the lower right side of my intestine.

The pain felt like surgery was being performed in one small spot without an anesthetic.Twelve hours after the first dose, I was awakened by a pain so excruciating that I actually thought about calling the paramedics to take me to the hospital. But the pain died down and I fell asleep again. By mid-morning of the next day, the pain was dull and it appeared to be diminishing. Twenty-four hours after the first dose the pain was replaced by soreness. The migaine never took hold, and I was thankful to be relieved of the pain.

What I remember is that one of the capsules contained black walnut, and its job was to pull away anything in the intestinal track that did not belong there no matter how long it had been there; thus, the reason for my pain. Over the next three days, there was plenty evidence that a parasite had taken up residence in my colon and had been there for an unknown length of time. It was a tape worm that had probably attached itself to my intestinal wall. This is the rascal that is seldom, if ever, mentioned by doctors.

It was several months after my colon cleansing experience before my doctor realized I had not requested a refill of medication for the migraines. He wanted to know what I was doing to manage the migraines. I explained what happened at the hospital, what I did, what I used, and how it turned out. He documented what I said, and did not say or ask anything more–not even encouragement or warning.

It took me a few years to reach the point of discovery. Something worth noting is that a person who is suffering from any kind of headache should give extra attention first to everything that goes into their body. We know that everything that goes into the body does not always work its way out when it should. And some things never come out.

The tape worm that was inside of me was once nothing more than an infinitesimal hanger-on that could have moved through, and out of my body like all the other bacteria. But it was strong enough to latch on to my intestine long enough to build its own little house, hang up drapes, and waited for free meals to arrive everyday for years while raising its family.

I dread the thought that colon cancer might have been my fate had I not done the cleansing, or irreparable organs if the tape worm had worked its way through my intestinal wall into another area of my body while the cleansing was in progress.

What I did was bold and dangerous, and I am thankful to God that I’m alive to tell about it. I am also thankful that the parasite was stopped before doing any major damage. It is safer to consult with a treating physician and an herbal specialist before undertaking a cleansing system.

The colon is a major highway in the body. There’s always something coming, going, and a rest-stop; the something is microscopic bacteria and the rest-stop is when it doesn’t leave the body.

Seeing more clearly,








Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.


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