Wellness Amidst Healthcare Controversy and Beyond

It has been said that thoughts spoken within our minds, and also audibly, have power over life. The power that our words hold is talked about in Sunday School and preached about in church and on TV, as well. Author James Allen wrote a book about thoughts; “As A Man Thinketh,” and others have made the power of words a reference point in their speeches, books, and disciplinary episodes. However, just to set the record straight about that, the Bible said it first; “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Proverbs 23:7.

All of us human beings were given free choice, even though life may have rendered restrictions or limitations on it. We can choose to think good thoughts or evil thoughts–better known as positive or negative thoughts; and negative thoughts waste no time popping up first in the mind. The thought of speaking positive words over the self comes later; sometimes a long time after being persuaded to think the worst instead of the best. Or maybe a relative or friend reminded us to think positive about a situation.  And for a few people, positive thoughts may never come. Most of us know a couple of people in that category; whining, complaining, dissatisfied, and always sick or tired, or both.

Wellness physically, mentally, and spiritually can be swayed by the words spoken to, about, for, or against oneself. The spiritually dead will not know what to believe about anything. The mentally handicapped may not understand how to go about learning what to know about that type illness. The physically disabled person may become comfortable  being a couch potato.

Positive words come from positive thinking. Positive declarations on a daily basis over one’s health problem can even relieve the stress caused by the projected changes in the healthcare legislation. Years ago, I learned something about my heart and why it does what it does. I learned that I had a heart condition and not a heart disease–big difference! Once I learned what was going on, I researched everything I could find about the condition and I am extremely happy that I did not need surgery. I made changes in the way I prepared my meals and the types of food and drinks I ingested. In other words, I had to depart from a number of my favorite foods and beverages–and it was tough.

It is never too late to change one’s way of thinking. The desire to change is the key that unlocks the door to almost anything. After desire comes plans and action. Consider a person like Physicist Steven W. Hawking and what he accomplished in spite of his extreme physical limitations. His brilliant mind full of positive thoughts (and humor sometimes) still keeps him going, and he has made a tremendous contribution to the world of physics.

Just as it is possible to think ourselves sick about something, it is equally possible to think ourselves healthy. By thinking positive and healthy thoughts, the chances for wellness are increased.

Seeing more clearly,





Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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