Unseen Uncertainties


Photography by B4wellness58

During the period 1985 to approximately 1990, I worked as a realtor in California. I received an enormous amount of sales experience during that time; experience that many realtors and some brokers wish they had. Only one thing separated the position of realtor from the position of broker. A broker can arrange mortgage loans and the realtor cannot. That’s all.

From time to time, a homeowner who wanted to sell a property would ask the question “Why do I need a realtor to represent me? I can sell it myself, and keep the commission. It’s too much to pay just for filling out a piece of paper.” And realtors will answer, “The commission isn’t enough for the headaches that can energe from a transaction.”

The amount of experience gathered is determined by the number of transaction variables and types of personalities involved all around–from the seller, buyer, realtor, title company, loan company, inspections, potential of repairs, and more. These uncertainties can present problems at any level of the transaction because there is no way of knowing  in advance what will come up when the research begins. Variables are the unseen and fickle differences that must be worked out before a transaction can end favorably. Anything can happen to cause the transaction to cancel.

Personality is what the human adds to the transaction; a person can be cooperative and pleasant or a real bear to deal with. The personality of a participant in a transaction can change without a moment’s notice–making power plays to see who will sweat first, or play king or queen of the hill, or a changed mind about purchasing or selling because they saw something better in another area or town.

If a realtor has personal outstanding obligations that need to be paid immediately, a lot of praying has to go on. I prayed everyday! And the Lord answered in my favor.

Seeing more clearly,






Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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