The Connection-many have heard about

Christians are like plants that grow in a field crowded with weeds. After all, God did make the weeds too, and that means that they are good for something, or used to be good for something. And they use the same resources that all other plants use.

God provides good soil and good seeds that will grow up into plants, so that the plants can provide nourishing food for all of His creation: man, animal, bird, insect, fish and many others that we have yet to learn about. He also provided water, oxygen (air), and sunlight-the things that are necessary for healthy growth. And man has the task of taking care of these resources so that the cycle of life can continue.

Everything and everyone is connected to God; God provides the soil, seed, water, air, sunlight, and caretakers; the plants provide the food for God’s creations. Cooperation and coordination are key requirements in order for God’s creations to survive.

A weed grows where nothing else grows, and some weeds can “cast” their own seeds if they are touched. Seeds from the top of the weeds will fan themselves  into the air and settle in the area next to it. They don’t need the caretaker to do anything for them. Weeds cannot come up in the same spot occupied by another plant because no two things can occupy the same place at the same time. If a yard is full of weeds, it is because enough grass or plant seed was not put down; nor were steps taken to eliminate those weeds that did grow up.

Gardeners and homeowners would love to have a weed-free garden or yard. The weed is an outcast because, under that name, it has no value. Or rather, its value has not been discovered yet. Once the purpose of the weed is discovered, a value is declared (usually but not always) and a name is assigned so that it is no longer called a weed.

A number of years ago, mustard greens, and other green plants like that, were called weeds until people had to resort to eat these weeds for food, or starve. The people who cooked and ate the weeds survived and were healthy and no one died from eating them. A value was then placed on them and the weeds were given individual names. Later, researchers learned that these weeds were indeed high in nutritional value.

Like weeds, non-believing, non-God fearing people are all around us in this world. They grow up fast, and are easy to detect. A number of them are difficult to uproot because they have been stuck in their worldly belief and way of doing things for a long time They have never developed strong values by which to live their lives. They are quick to cross the line in anything, anywhere. They are the ones that the righteous, seemingly, more often than not, run from rather than run to.

The Great Commission was commanded by Jesus to reach out to somebody somewhere (Matthew 23:19-20). If a non-believer does not connect up with a believer, it will be like the weed that will continue to grow and reproduce itself as long as it is allowed to do so, while using their share of resources for their own purpose which is to continue in their quest for survival.

The non-believers’ true value may never be discovered, nor will they benefit from being in the service of the Lord. When value is determined, the resources that the non-believer used for worldly things can then be combined with the resources of God’s people to help better the world. The resources that were given to the lottery, casino, tavern, and other similar places can be redirected to spread God’s Word to all who want to hear, and to help others in need in the Name of Jesus.

God knew the value in Abraham and He not only changed his name to Abram, but made him the “father of many nations”(Genesis 17:4). Abraham made the connection with God, took care of the weeds in his household, and lived a long and blessed life while fulfilling God’s purpose for him.

Many folk heard about Jesus, and they wanted to experience Him for themselves by attending His preaching and teaching sessions, and they wanted to hear more about God. They wanted to see Him and touch Him. They wanted more of Him-His miracles-and to be fed with both the Word of God and food. They were willing to experience the discomfort of long distance travel and hunger to be near Him. Believers and non-believers came together for a Word feast. They wanted to make a connection with Him.

Every non-believer should have the opportunity to not only hear about God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but see God’s work in action through the lives of believers. There is a need for the seed of God’s Word to replace the seed of folly in the world. The frequent availability of the Word of God on a face-to-face basis will help reduce the number of non-believers that will come up in the world with a variety of distorted views about how the world and everything in it came to be.

“If anyone has an ear, let him hear”(Revelations 13:9).

Seeing more clearly,



Author: wbfreelance

Retired Senior Citizen, African American, Christian, Bachelor's Degree in Theology, writer of non-fiction, can knit and crochet, work picture puzzles for display, and basic earring-making.

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